These schemes are only available to students…

Student loyalty scheme

The Word offers students the chance to save money throughout the year by using its Student Loyalty Scheme.
Simply register your details* and pick up a loyalty card when you start buying books.
For every £10 you spend your card will be stamped.Once your card has 10 stamps you can redeem it to receive a £5 voucher to use in the bookshop.

*By registering your details you agree to be notified of events, special offers and promotions at The Word. Your details will not be passed on to any third party.

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Second-hand books

The Word can resell your books for you, when you’ve finished with them.
Please note, you will need a PayPal account.

How it works…

Buy your books from The Word. (This includes 2nd hand books.)
Keep your till receipt (this will list the books you’ve bought). It’s worth getting into the habit of sticking your receipts into the back cover of your books.
Once you’ve finished with your book, bring it back into the bookshop, with the relevant till receipt.
You decide how much you want to sell the book for.
We will need your contact details which relate to your PayPal account.
When the book sells the bookshop will credit your PayPal account with 70% of your selling price.
What makes this system so good is that it maximises the amount of money you potentially get back for your books and, because you bought them from the university bookshop, there’s more of a chance they’ll resell.

The small print:

  • We cannot take any books back without a till receipt.
  • Books will only be taken back with PayPal details.
  • While your books are unsold and still in the bookshop they are still your property, so you can reclaim them at any time.
  • However, if the books haven’t been sold or reclaimed within 18 months of being put up for 2nd hand sale, the bookshop reserves the right to donate them to charity (make a note of this date as we will not be able to notify you).
  • While the bookshop will look after your books as carefully as its own, it cannot be liable should they be stolen.


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